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I don't stop at decorating my living room and family rooms and kitchen. No I go all out so that means the bedrooms too! Right after Thanksgiving I get out all the Christmas bedding and go to town. I like my bedrooms to look like a Winter Wonderland! Now I am a big fan of Blue and I love snowflake decor anyway, so I always do a room in Blue and snowflakes. But Red is a traditional Christmas color and it makes the bedroom so cheery in the middle of Winter especially if you live where Winter is dreary so Red Christmas bedding is a very popular choice for Christmas decorating.

I used to live in the South of the USA, both in California and in Texas and it was often hot on Christmas day! So it was a little different living there and I would not necessarily use so much Red. In fact I have been known to use all Silver and Blue or Purple. But now I live in Ireland and Red makes everything more cheerful. So I have a Red Christmas bedding set for the Christmas holidays now. But it's up to you as all your favorite colors are here! Enjoy!

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Country Christmas Bedding

If you love Country style decorating you can still keep your Country style theme going at Christmas if you select Christmas quilts and comforters that adhere to the Country feeling. Here are a few and there are many more, so just click on a photo to see more. 

Christmas Bed Bag Sets

These sets all come with everything you need to make your bed in a Christmas theme. Christmas Bed Bag sets have the comforter, the pillow shams, and a bedskirt at a minimum. Some have extra shams, and even sheets. Just click on a photo to see what's included. 

Christmas Bedding Comforters
Christmas Snowflake Bedding

These Christmas bedding sets all feature snowflakes. I love snowflakes, don't you? Just choose your color! 

Solid Color Comforters for Christmas Bedding

Another way you can achieve Christmas bedding is to use solid color comforters and just add Christmas throw pillows which I feature below! This way your Christmas bedding will last you long after Christmas has come and gone. Just switch the pillows after the Christmas holiday season. Here you see the traditional Christmas colors of Red and Green plus Blue and Purple which have gained in popularity the last few years.

Christmas Throw Pillows for Christmas Bedding

Easy way to get Christmas bedding. Just add throw pillows! Here are a few Red ones for you.

More Christmas Pillows for Christmas Bedding

Not using Red? That's okay, there are stunning pillows in every color that would dress up your bed or even your sofa. Click any photo to see more.

Christmas Sheets

If you don't want to use Christmas bedspreads or comforters, you can still have Christmas bedding by using Christmas sheets and turning back the covers to let the sheets show. 

Christmas Blankets/Christmas Throws

Christmas Bedding

You can also just use beautiful Christmas Blankets and Throws as decoration on your beds to get the idea of Christmas bedding. They work great in living rooms too! 

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years! 

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