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Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Tacky Christmas sweaters are a tradition where I live, as much a tradition as eggnog and Christmas dinner. Everyone just seems to love putting on those tacky ugly Christmas sweaters that you wouldn't be caught dead in most of the time. (me too, I love this tradition.) So every year we haul out all our tacky Christmas sweaters and get dressed up for the parties. I see people wearing them when I'm out shopping too, so maybe besides all the other things that go with Christmas, we can add dressing crazy in tacky ugly Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts to the list of Christmas traditions. Here I've showcased lots of tacky ugly Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts for all ages.

A word about the word tacky. What exactly does it mean anyway? My family has Southern roots so we used it often to describe someone who is just over the top and beyond good taste. Dolly Parton is famous for saying she's a tacky Southern gal. She is definitely tacky in a beautiful way. As for tacky Christmas sweaters, it means sweaters you would not usually be caught dead in! Flashing lights, gaudy big pictures of Christmas stuff, and naughty animal photos, nothing seems off limits or beyond the limits of good taste when it comes to tacky. Funny but men seem to be into tacky Christmas sweaters even more than women. Maybe it's their way of loosening up the dress code for the holidays. Enjoy the ugly Christmas sweaters and have a fantastic holiday season too!

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The definitions of "tacky" are from The Urban Dictionary and myself.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book
How to Throw a Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: Christmas Crafts, Recipes, Activities
Read about how to throw a fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with tips for an Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater Contest and lots of fun games. Lots of activities and recipes and suggestions to make your party fun! Everyone is going to be dressed up so make sure it's not a boring party!

Tacky Ugly Sweater Party Invitation
Get Your Tacky Sweater On!

Start your party planning with a cute invitation. Isn't this one cute? There are plenty of others too. Just click on the invitation to see many others.

Tacky Definition
1. In bad taste. This usage, as opposed to the physical description, originated in the rural South but has since been adopted for use nationwide and in urban settings.

Tacky Christmas Sweaters for Men

Some of the men's sweaters are really quite beyond good taste. They don't seem to mind sweaters that I would not be caught in, like the ones of the reindeer doing what comes naturally if you get my drift. But men are usually forced to wear suits, so I give them a break at the Christmas parties. They hardly ever get to wear funny stuff except for costumes and for holidays.

Tacky Definition
2. I have Southern roots.
We say there's tacky,
and then there's Tacky,
as in really tacky,
or, tacky with a capital T.

Tacky Christmas Sweaters for Women

Well it looks like even the women got in on the action and now there are really naughty women's sweaters too! Wow, not for me. I'll stick with the colorful ones with all the Christmas decor on them. Those are wild enough for me, as I usually dress sort of plain and classic. Which is another point: these sweaters are enough pattern for an outfit. Wear plain pants or a skirt so the sweater will be your statement. Too much pattern clashes visually and people will back away from you. Not what you want at a party! (or maybe you do, who am I to judge? LOL)

Tacky Definition
3. Someone that is overdressed/overdone
and is just a show off.
Ex #1: If you're tacky you'll definitely
be on the Jersey Shore.
Ex #2: Kim Kardashian is Tacky.

Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts Work Too!

Sweatshirts are just as cool as sweaters, in fact many prefer them since they don't unravel and pull the way sweaters do. I have a reindeer sweatshirt that I won't wear anytime except to one of those crazy parties. In fact the only reason I still wear it is that it was my Mom's and it makes me feel good to wear her clothes. She had more courage than I do when it comes to clothes. Mom loved weird Christmas clothes and having fun with her styles. I'm more the "not too many colors at once" kind of person. But for these parties, I take a clue from her and wear that reindeer sweatshirt. It always gets a few laughs.

Tacky Definition
4. Gaudy, flamboyant, and
flashy in apparel;
wearing lots of gold jewelry;
pimp-like appearance;

Tacky Christmas Sweaters for Kids
Tacky Christmas Sweaters for Children

Now with children you don't want any really obscene sweaters so you have to stick to "clean" versions of weird sweaters and sweatshirts. But manufacturers still mange some really funny ones every year. Just click any sweater to see many more. (with a capital T)

Ugly Christmas T Shirts 

Instead of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Some places are just too hot even at Christmas time to wear sweaters! And some people just don't want to spring for a sweater that they will only wear for a few days at most every year. Others just prefer to be more casual in their attire even at Christmas. 

For all these reasons, an Ugly Christmas T Shirt might be more your style than a sweater. I have designed some for you! Click to see all the colors and sizes available! 

And I had to do an Ugly Christmas T Shirt for Wine Lovers!!

Why Tacky Christmas Sweaters are so Popular
My Theory

I think the reason they became so popular is that people are so stressed during Christmas time to get everything done on time and properly, whatever that is. So it's nice to relax and not have to look good for a party. 

Plus men love to celebrate but for some reason their clothing choices are really limited compared to women. If you think about it, they wear pretty much the same few colors, the same pieces of clothing and the same sort of shoes year round. 

Women get to wear different styles and colors any time they want and it's acceptable within reason, but men are sort of confined. But then the Christmas season comes around and men get to let loose and channel their inner child by wearing a weird sweater or vest and celebrating. 

Something about wearing these weird and tacky sweaters lets them out of their need to be manly and allows them to act goofy and show off their inner funny guy.

 Expect lots of funny jokes and fun times when you have a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party.

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Have Fun and Merry Christmas!

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