Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas decorating for the Home

Oh my goodness there are so many beautiful Christmas tree decorating themes available. Getting your tree sorted out is a good place to start. And then next would be deciding on a theme and getting some ornaments for that tree. 

Just click a link to read about your favorite Christmas trees and ornaments for those trees. All of the featured trees are artificial so can be used again and again thereby not cutting down a tree for a month's pleasure. 

I know it's a custom but I always think that if aliens are watching they have got to be curious about our customs. On or about the first of December we cut down a perfectly good tree, drag it into our house and put sparkly stuff all over it and presents under it. Then a month later we throw away the tree like it's garbage when it was living and giving us oxygen just a month before. So strange when you think about it. 

One of my sons and I are both allergic to pine trees so I got an artificial one years ago. Over time it saves money too. Just my take on it. So here are some beautiful artificial Christmas trees. Some are decorated, some have lights, some are bare trees. You can decide what part of the decorating you want to add! Of course there are ornaments featured here too. I will add more in the next little while. Enjoy! 

Pretty Decorated Christmas Trees
Pre Lit Pop Up Christmas Trees
Best Pre Lit Christmas Trees
Artificial Christmas Trees Without Lights
Angel Christmas Ornaments
Star Christmas Ornaments

If you like all your Christmas decorations to be one color, click here to see Christmas decor by color.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!

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