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Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

christmas decorating ideas for your home

I love Christmas and always have. It doesn't seem to matter what religion a person is, it's a lovely, merry time of year. It's not even the gifts, or the decorating per se, it's more the merriment of the season that grabs me. But why not decorate for this wonderful time of the year when you are more likely to have family and friends over for fun and laughter?

I like to vary my decorating theme from one year to the next. For instance, one year I will use all Red for a Red Christmas, the next year it might be White, or Purple or Blue, or perhaps even an Elvis Presley Christmas which is always fun to do and brings a few exclamations about the uniqueness of that theme. I've often used an Angel theme, since I love Angels so much and already have a bunch of them sitting around my house.

I have lots of Christmas decorations so this is easy for me to do, but if you don't here's a tip for you. Instead of trying to buy everything right now, just buy a few decorations. Use ribbon to make lots of your decor; it's really cheap. Then after Christmas, you can buy a few decorations on sale. For some reason, every year Christmas decor goes on sale after Christmas. Good time to pick up some decor for next year. Just a little every year and pretty soon you've got it all covered. 

And as far as the color, I would at first just do the traditional mixed color Christmas theme and later after you have lots of Christmas decor, you can start exploring color themes and rounding out your collection. That way you can take your time and only buy things you truly love instead of trying to get it all done at once. This is one tradition that you should definitely assemble over time with yearly memories, not something you want to rush.

The Christmas Holiday Season is the favorite time of year for many people for many different reasons. It's not just the religious aspect of it at all. It's the home for the holidays aspect, the home from school aspect, the vacation aspect, the celebration aspect. I just love Christmas and I love decorating a home for Christmas.

Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas

I thought I would share some of my decorating ideas for Christmas so others could shop easily and maybe find some new ideas! When it comes to Christmas home decorating ideas, there are so many it can be a dizzy adventure. So one way you might start is to decide on the colors you are going to use. I have a lot of Christmas decor by color ideas. Just click on the menu to find pages about that.

Or if you just want outdoor Christmas decorations you can also click on the menu. And if you want decorated Christmas tree pictures for ideas on decorating Christmas trees, that's there too. Last but not least at all, I put Christmas bedding in its own category since I love to decorate my bedrooms. 

I also had to add some beautiful Christmas cards, since it's the only time of year some of us send cards any more. And since it's gotten to be a fun thing to do, I have a page about Ugly Christmas sweaters and how to have an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. And the Elf craze is also represented, in a page about the Elf on the Shelf. Enjoy!

*I use quotes from the Bible on my pages. Even if you are not Christian, they are beautiful words. I don't think you have to be Christian to appreciate them. Just like you don't have to be Christian to love Christmas. Some of the words are beautiful sentiments to live by, and some are messages of hope. If you don't like Biblical passages please just skip over them. The Christmas holidays are about family and joy as much as anything and I know many people do not like the Christian aspect. But for my readers who are Christian, I hope you enjoy the ones I picked. 

outdoor christmas decorations
Outdoor Christmas Decorations in Aix en Provence, France 2014

Merry Christmas!

A Poem by James Dillet Freeman
I wish you merry Christmas!
I say it like a prayer~
When you wake Christmas morning,
May all you wish be there!
Oh, may the Spirit of the Christ
Into your heart descend!
I wish you merry Christmas!
It means, I love you, friend.
~written in 1953

My wish for everyone is Peace on Earth and Good will towards all.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years!

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