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Artificial Christmas Trees (No Lights)

Artificial Christmas Trees Without Lights

 6.5' Slim Vermont Fir Instant Shape Artificial Christmas Tree - Unlit

Some people want artificial trees with no lights so they can decorate them entirely with their own Christmas lights and ornaments. Or maybe they don't want lights and just want to use ornaments. (Although I think they are missing something without any lights.)

It can be easier to replace the bulbs if a light goes out on your own string of lights as opposed to the ones that come on the prelit trees so I can understand that. Down below I sell different colored lights you can add yourself. And of course you can add your own ornaments and garlands to make your artificial tree look amazing!

In a hurry? Click here to see more Artificial Christmas trees with no lights: Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

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Pink Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Trees No Lights

 4.5' Flocked Cupcake Pink Artificial Spruce Slim Christmas Tree - Unlit
Pink confection of a Christmas tree reminds me of cotton candy. Just add White ornaments and lights, or how about Red ornaments and lights for a very different look? Or even Purple everything? (lights and ornaments)

Black Artificial Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Trees (No Lights)

 Remeehi New Artificial Christmas Tree Home Office Christmas Decoration (Black, 90cm/3ft)
Black artificial tree to add your own lights and ornaments to. White or multicolored ones both would look amazing, or use Red or Purple or Green or Gold or Silver or Gold and Silver. The possibilities are endless.

White Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Tree With No Lights

 Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 5-Feet, PVC Crystal White

White is one of the traditional colors for Christmas trees, and a favorite of mine. You can change your Christmas decor in so many ways, and never repeat yourself because of the neutral backdrop that White provides. Favorites include Blue, Red, Gold, and Green for decorating a White Christmas tree. In the last few years people have even begun using Black. All of them look gorgeous, truly!

Red Christmas Tree Card

Green Artificial Tree
Artificial Christmas Trees with No Lights

 Xmas Finest 6' Feet Super Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree With Solid Metal Legs - Fullest (1000 Tips) Six Foot Tall Design

Plain Green tree so you can add your own lights and ornaments. There are lights available below if you need some. Any color of lights will work, but I like multi colored ones.

Silver Artificial Tree
Artificial Christmas Trees With No Lights

 Hb 6' Ft Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Silver Color 450 Tips

A Silver tree with no lights so you can add your own. Some people like to use White and that looks stunning, but I like the idea of multi colored lights to look like little jewels flickering in the shimmering Silver tree.

Purple Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Trees No Lights

 Vickerman B882031 Christmas Trees, 3', Purple

Purple Christmas trees are whimsical choices for Christmas but they really add a festive atmosphere around the holidays and brighten up rooms in places where the weather is dreary in Winter. Add Silver ornaments and White lights, or for a different effect, Red or Blue ornaments and matching lights. Party decorating is halfway done already.

Gold and White Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Tree No Lights

 Vickerman 33075 - 6.5' x 42
This tree is Gold and White but the effect is like a frosted Gold tree. I think this would be beautiful decorated in Gold or Silver ornaments and White lights. Or Even White ornaments and White lights. Maybe Red lights and Red ornaments. Any of those would be beautiful combinations for Christmas decor.

Blue Christmas Tree Card

by esoticastore Create card designs on Zazzle

Christmas Tree Lights
For Your Artificial Christmas Trees

You can get any color of lights, so just pick your color! If it's not one of these, just click a photo to see many more!

 lederTEK Solar Fairy String Lights 21ft 50 LED Multi-color Blossom Decorative Gardens, Lawn, Patio, Christmas Trees, Weddings, Parties, Halloween Lights Decoration, Indoor and Outdoor Use (50 LED Multi-color) Holiday Wonderland's 300-Count Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set Holiday Wonderland 300-Count Clear Christmas Mini Light Set 100 Led 10m Christmas Wedding Multicolor Multi Mix Color Changing RGB Party Fairy String Lights with 8 Function ControllerPretty decorated Christmas trees

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