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Pretty Decorated Christmas Trees

Easy Christmas Decorating
With a Decorated Christmas Tree

pictures decorated Christmas trees
Do you have trouble getting your Christmas tree decorated the way you want? Want to make your Christmas decorating go faster? Are you looking for new Christmas tree decorating ideas? Or pretty decorated Christmas trees to buy? Here you will find lots of help!

One of the easiest ways to get your tree to look exactly the way you want is to look at pictures of decorated Christmas trees and copy them. So I have pictures of decorated Christmas trees for you here as inspiration. I have also included lots of articles and videos offering ideas for decorating Christmas trees. To see those photos right away, just scroll down to the bottom of the page. This should get your creative juices flowing! I know it got me all excited!

But what I discovered while researching was a new astounding invention. A pop up Christmas tree that is completely pre decorated and pre lit inside a box, and all you do is pull it out of the box, pull on the top and up pops a completely decorated tree! That's what I call genius, so I had to find a bunch of those! Click here to see lots of them. Talk about easy!

However, not everyone wants already decorated Christmas trees; some people just want a prelit Christmas tree, since it is such a chore for some to deal with the lights. Easy, all the lights are built in, so just add ornaments! (or not) As you will see in some of the photos of Christmas trees below, just using lots of Christmas lights can be a stunning Christmas tree statement! So I have included Pre-lit Christmas trees in lots of colors, and lots of Christmas tree lights so you can bling your Christmas tree to your heart's content. 

But some people want artificial trees that are plain so they can decorate them entirely with their own Christmas lights and ornaments yet they still want help. So that's when the decorated Christmas tree pictures come in handy. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page for inspiration!  Enjoy!

In a hurry to find pretty decorated Christmas trees to buy? Click here: Decorated Christmas Trees

Public Domain Image: Decorated Christmas Tree in Blue by David Wagner.

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Pretty Decorated Christmas Trees

All of the Prelit and artificial Christmas trees in this section will serve as a base to add lots more lights, or ribbons and ornaments, or all of them together.

Prelit Green Christmas Tree
Best Decorated Christmas Trees

 6.5 Ft Artificial Christmas Green Madison Pine Tree Pre-lit Multi-Color Lightspictures decorated Christmas trees

Stunning Green tree with lots of lights so you don't actually have to add ornaments if you don't want to. Or just add more lights, and ornaments and ribbons or garlands to get the effect you want.

Pre-Lit Sky Blue Artificial Christmas Tree

Whimsical Decorated Christmas Trees

 Vickerman Pre-Lit Tree with 150 Teal Mini Lights, 4-Feet, Sky Blue

Whimsical tree for someone who wants a different Christmas tree than the norm. Sky Blue looks beautiful with dark Blue and White or Silver ornaments and White Lights! Or dark Blue lights. The sky is the limit. (Yes, pun intended.) 

Prelit Black Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Decorated Christmas Trees

 Holiday Time Pre-lit 6.5' Madison Christmas Tree, Black, Clear Lights

This Black tree with clear White lights is stunning and elegant. I have seen people use this theme, and add even more lights. It looks really beautiful even though it sounds a little strange. But in person it is very elegant and dramatic! 

Best Decorated Christmas Trees
White Artificial Christmas Tree

 Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 5-Feet, PVC Crystal White

White is one of the traditional colors for Christmas trees, and a favorite of mine. You can change your Christmas decor in so many ways, and never repeat yourself because of the neutral backdrop that White provides. Favorites include Blue, Red, Gold, and Green for decorating a White Christmas tree. In the last few years people have even begun using Black. All of them look gorgeous, truly!

Red Christmas Tree Card

Purple Artificial Christmas Tree
Whimsical Decorated Christmas Trees

 3' Pre-Lit Purple Artificial Pencil Tinsel Christmas Tree - Purple Lights

Purple would be high on my list of colors for a Christmas tree if I were going to veer from the traditional Green. When I saw this Purple tree, I decided right then and there that this year I'm doing a Purple Christmas starting with this Purple Christmas tree. I think it will have both White and Purple lights and ribbon. White lights, Purple lights, Silver and White ribbon, and a just a few White ornaments. Ooh, I'm excited just thinking about it.

Pre Lit Red Artificial Christmas Tree
Whimsical Decorated Christmas Trees

 Vickerman B881461 Christmas Trees, 6', Red

Red is one of the traditional Christmas colors so a Red Christmas tree is a natural choice if you are into whimsical Christmas trees. So cheerful especially in areas with lots of Gray skies. I live in Ireland so it is high on my list of Christmas colors.
I could totally imagine it with White and Gold ornaments and lights. Hmm, might have to have a Red tree and a Purple one too.

Silver Prelit Trees 

Whimsical Decorated Christmas Trees

 National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 4-Feet, 70 Clear Lights, Silver

Silver and Gold are traditional artificial tree colors and if you like the retro look, you might really enjoy using one and adding jewel ornaments. Silver is very 1950's inspired so very whimsical, but it gives a beautiful shimmer to any room. With lots of White lights it looks amazing. Or Gold lights, or multicolored lights. They all look stunning. 

Gold Prelit Christmas Trees

Best Decorated Christmas Trees

 Classic Champagne Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree - 7.5 ft. - Clear

Gold trees are both whimsical and traditional. They are stunning with Blue, Red, White, or Silver ornaments and trim. Many outdoor Christmas trees are Gold, especially commercial ones. I have a few pictures of pretty decorated Christmas trees below so you can see what I mean. Gorgeous! I like Red and Gold as a Christmas combination since I live in the dreary Irish winter at Christmas time. 

Blue Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Tree Lights
For Your Decorated Christmas Trees

You can get any color of lights, so just pick your color! If it's not one of these, just click a photo to see many more!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Videos
Ideas to Decorate a Christmas Tree

See photos of decorated Christmas trees! Watch Christmas trees being decorated! Get lots of ideas for decorating your Christmas tree. It is not hard; with a few good tips you can decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree ever! Some of the Christmas trees here are only pre lit, not completely decorated, so you can still decorate your tree in your own style for a unique Christmas tree. Watch some videos and you will have the most beautiful Christmas tree, decorated in your unique style!

Decorated Christmas Tree Pictures
Get Ideas for Decorating Christmas Trees!

Christmas Tree With Multicolored Lights
Wall Street Christmas Tree Lights

I love the simplicity of this idea. Just lots of different colored lights. Simple and stunning.
Wall Street Lights by Darrell Goode is a Public Domain Image.

Pretty decorated Christmas trees


Green Christmas Trees Decorated Traditionally
Pretty Decorated Christmas Trees

Use all Red or Red and White on a Green Christmas tree for this idea. Buy a Pre lit tree and add the decorations. Use lots of Red ribbon, first, and then fill in with a few simple ornaments. Easy!
Display of pretty decorated Christmas trees by David Wagner is a Public Domain Image.

Pretty decorated Christmas trees

Whimsical Decorated Christmas Trees
Decorated White Christmas Tree

Just use all White decorations, ribbons, and lights to create this beautiful White Decorated Christmas tree!
White decorated Christmas tree by David Wagner is a Public Domain Image.

Pretty decorated Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Decorated in Red and Gold
Traditional Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorated in Red and Gold at Rockerfeller center from

pictures decorated Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Decorated in Blue
Green Tree with Blue, White, and Silver 

You could even start with a Blue or White tree to up the wow factor in using this theme of a Blue Christmas.
Christmas tree decorated in Blue by David Wagner is a Public Domain Image.

pictures decorated Christmas trees

Tree Decorated with Thousands of White Lights

Isn’t this a stunning tree, and so simple to do! Start with a Green or Black pre-lit Christmas tree and add more lights, lots of lights, till it sparkles like a twinkling star in the night. Actually the idea works with any color of tree, but the dark ones really look amazing with all the other lights off in your room.
Christmas Tree In Town by Petr Kratochvil is a Public Domain Image.

pictures decorated Christmas trees

More Pretty Decorated Christmas Trees
Lots of Ideas for Decorating Christmas Trees

If you need some ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree just look at this list and start reading. There are lots more pictures of decorated Christmas trees too.

HGTV Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Interior Decorating Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

25 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

Martha Stewart! Need I Say More?

Country Living’s Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Green Christmas Tree Card

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