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Purple Christmas Ideas

Purple Christmas Decoration Ideas

Purple Matte Glitter Stripes Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament 8
Purple is a beautiful color choice for Christmas if you are looking to get away from the traditional Red and Green colors that are popular at Christmas. Step out and be unique! Plus a Purple Christmas is so regal isn't it? I think even if you don't love Purple as a decor color, it is a rich and wonderful color to use at Christmas, especially if you live in an area that has dreary Gray skies in Winter.

And you can pair it with Red or Blue for a truly jewel like Christmas! It stands alone just fine too, or you can mix it with Gold or even Silver. Whatever your style, there's are Purple Christmas decoration ideas that will suit you!

So here I have gathered all the Purple Christmas decorations that you will need to deck your halls this Christmas! Purple Christmas ornaments, Purple Christmas wreaths, Purple Christmas garlands, Purple Christmas trees, Purple Christmas lights, Purple Christmas stockings, and a few Purple surprises!

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Purple Christmas Ideas
Purple Christmas Decorating Ideas

Purple tableware looks nice for Christmas parties and dinners. Consider Purple tablecloths, runners, placemats, plates, napkins and more all in a shade of Purple. Add some Silver garland to the table along with decorative ornaments, and you'll have a festive table that's inviting and impressive. Candles also make nice table decorations or a small Purple Christmas tree would look lovely, too!

If you can find the perfect Purple tree topper and skirt for your Christmas tree then you will be ready to sit back and enjoy your lovely, festive Purple Christmas decorations, and you'll be proud to entertain guests during the holidays, knowing that you've done everything you can to provide a gorgeous atmosphere for them and your family!

Purple is a great unique color to decorate with for Christmas, and you can find just about any items you want in this fabulous color!

Purple Christmas Wreaths, Purple Christmas Trees,
Purple Christmas Garlands

Purple Christmas Wreaths
Purple Christmas Ideas

Purple Christmas Postage
Purple Christmas Ideas 

Purple Christmas Trees
Purple Christmas Decorating Ideas

One way to design your Purple Christmas theme is to use a Purple Christmas Tree! These Purple artificial Christmas trees will inspire your whimsical Christmas fantasy. Purple Christmas trees add a nice splash of color to any room of your home during the holidays since they are so pretty and unique. Imagine a Purple Christmas tree with Purple or White ornaments on it. Or add Red, or Blue, or Gold or Silver (but not all at once) for a knock out Christmas tree!

Beautiful Purple Christmas Card
For a Purple Christmas Theme

Purple Christmas Garlands
Purple Christmas Tree Decor

Use garlands and ornaments in bowls on your bathroom vanity or the front hall table for nice decorative touches during the holidays.

Purple Christmas Ornaments, Purple Christmas Lights,  Purple Christmas Stockings

Other Purple Christmas decorations can include wreaths, light spheres, candles, garland, knick knacks and more. You can find Purple Christmas decorations for your kitchen, bathroom and any room in your home. Here are some luscious Purple candles for the whole year, not just at Christmas time.

Purple Heart Glass Ornament
Purple Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Purple Christmas Lights
Purple Christmas Ideas

Purple Christmas lights are so pretty. Use them on a Purple or White tree for added beauty and design, or to decorate other areas of your home inside and outside. You can also use Purple lights on a wreath for a unique and festive look! They are very appealing!

Purple Christmas Ornaments
Purple Christmas Tree Decor

Purple Christmas ornaments look nice on a Purple, White or Green Christmas tree however you can use them on any color tree you want. You can also use ornaments as decorative pieces in a bowl or jar or use them as accents along with other table or mantle decorations. There are many shades of Purple ornaments available today, too. Mix and match or stick with all one shade. It's up to you and what your specific tastes are.

Purple Christmas Stockings
Purple Christmas Tree Decor

Purple Christmas stockings look fabulous with a Purple Christmas tree and other Purple decorations. You can hang stocking on the fireplace mantle or on walls of your home. Stuff them with tissue paper and leave a few ornaments sticking out of the top or display them as is. Stockings add nice d├ęcor touches to your home during the holidays.

Purple Christmas Tree Card
For a Purple Christmas Theme

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More Purple Christmas Ideas
Purple Gift Wrapping Paper for Your Purple Christmas Gifts

Purple gift wrap in various shades looks lovely on boxes placed under your tree. Gifts, whether real or empty wrapped boxes, are inexpensive decorations that really add a lot to your home during the holiday. If you have a Purple Christmas theme throughout your home, just imagine how nice Purple gifts in various shades along with a white package or two will look under your tree!

Purple Ribbon for Wrapping Your Christmas Packages
Purple Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Purple Deluxe Turkish Terrycloth Robe
For a Purple Christmas Morning

Stay cozy and warm while you enjoy your Christmas morning in your Purple Christmas tree room. Watch all the action while you stay warm in your Purple robe!

Purple Christmas Trees Card
For a Purple Christmas Theme

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