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Angel Christmas Ornaments

Angel Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Decorating

 Star Grace - Angel of the Violet Amethyst Ray ~ 12 x 16 Fine Art Print by Lisa C Swisher
Angel Christmas Ornaments are wonderful for decorating at Christmas and for Angel lovers like me, they are nice little decorations year round.

In fact, that's how the addiction started for me! Every year I would get another Angel Ornament until over 20 years had gone by and I had a really nice collection. In the meantime, I had started collecting little Angel sculptures too.

Now I group different sizes of Angel Ornaments in groups and display them year round. And I hang them on lamps, and curtain rods, and I place them in plants to watch over them.

You don't have to go overboard like I did though...Just get a few Angels to add to the rest of your ornaments if you want. Here I have gathered some of the finer Angel Ornaments together for the casual shopper, or the true collector.

In a hurry? Find lots of Angel Christmas Ornaments here.

You can find many more Angel decorations in my Angel Store.

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Happy Holidays and Angels
Angel Christmas Ornaments

My Holiday Message from My Angel Blog at Angelica:

Throughout recorded history there have been tales of non human entities who acted as messengers from a higher being.

The bible has many passages relating to angels, and there are many written accounts of angel sightings. In recent years images that appear to be light beings show up in some films.

I have always experienced encounters with angels, but I never have seen them the way murals and artists show them.

Angels come to me as spheres of purple light, or sometimes yellow, or blue, and once in a while, white, or pink. And it’s more than a visual image, in fact it’s almost not an image, more like experiencing the energy ball and seeing it in my mind’s eye. Many times I have felt these presences as a burst of strength and an awareness of the purple light all around me. Other times I have felt the blue one and been fed knowledge beyond human senses.

Many times I have been soothed by the “purple light,” my name for this presence in my life.

Lately I feel them a lot! That gives me a rush of adrenaline I can’t describe, but I believe it means great things are happening.

Happy Holidays!

© Heather Burns

Angel Poster

Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Ornament

 Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Ornament

I think all babies start out as Angels. Some just stay that way.
Perfect for a new Mom!

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship Ornament

 Willow Tree Angel of Friendship Ornament

I can think of a long list of people I would love to give this to. Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts.

Willow Tree Sign for Love Ornament

 Willow Tree Sign for Love Ornament

"What the World needs now, is love, sweet love."

Willow Tree Angel of Light Ornament

 Willow Tree 27276 Angel Of Light Ornament

The Angel of Light is such a beautiful idea isn't it? The Star makes it perfect!

Seraphim Angel Ornament

 Seraphim Classics Celeste Angel Ornament #81667

Celeste Seraphim Angel Ornament
Seraphim Angels are my favorite. Exquisite and sweet. Amazing detail in such little packages.

Seraphim Angel Ornament

 Seraphim Classics Angel Ornament....... Iris..The Rainbow's End

Another exquisite Seraphim Angel!
Just look at that detail. Seraphim doesn't ever cut corners even on their tiniest Angels!

Waterford 2016 Annual Angel Ornament

 2016 Waterford Annual Floating Angel Crystal Christmas Ornament Decoration New

Annual Waterford Angel Ornament
The annual Waterford Crystal Angel ornament is always anticipated and never disappoints!
Click on the Angel to find more Waterford Angels for any of the years you missed.

Lenox Porcelain Angel Ornament

 Lenox Florentine and Pearl Angel Ornament

Beautiful Lenox Angel Ornament!
Lenox is another company that makes precious collectible Angel ornaments. This one is sure to be a hit for any Angel ornament collector.

Don't Forget the Angel Tree Topper

These fiberoptic Angel Tree Toppers will be the crowning glory on your Christmas tree.

Make Your Own Angel Christmas Ornaments

 Make Your Own Angel Ornaments (Klutz)

Sometimes families have a tradition of making their own ornaments. If that is the case, this kit is for you!
Lots of ideas for beautiful ornaments and fun for the kids too! A great family Christmas activity!

"For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the world will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor,
Almighty God, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace."

More Angel Ornaments can be found here.

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Merry Christmas!