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Elvis Presley Christmas

An Elvis Presley Christmas

How to Decorate For an Elvis Presley Christmas
Elvis Presley Christmas Decor

Elvis Presley Christmas
It's never too early (or too late) to start planning for your Elvis Presley Christmas! So let's get started! There is more than one way to decorate for your Elvis Presley Christmas so I am going to present a few of them with some selections of products so you can achieve the look you are going for.

One way you could do this is to use all Elvis Presley products. Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, and all sorts of Christmas trinkets are available with an image of Elvis Presley. So then all you have to do is choose your color scheme and start getting out all your Elvis Presley stuff to decorate and pretty soon you are ready for your Elvis Presley Christmas!

Of course you could also choose colors that Elvis himself would have liked and decorate in one of those color themes. In this scenario you might tone down the number of Elvis products and concentrate more on a musical theme, using Guitar Christmas Ornaments and stockings, for example, and play Elvis music.

Elvis loved Black, even dying his hair Black. And he loved Red too. He really was flamboyant in his design at Graceland, and I think he would have loved a Black and White Christmas, or a Red Christmas, and definitely a Blue Christmas.

So whichever way you want to do your Elvis Presley Christmas, you will find some ideas here. Don't forget to play the Elvis Christmas album. Enjoy!

Elvis was my cousin. You can read my story about him here: Most Popular Elvis Presley Songs

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Blue Christmas, Performed by Elvis

Elvis' Blue Christmas is a beautiful Christmas song, and inspires a lot of Elvis Christmas decor items to be Blue. You can see lots of Blue Christmas ideas at my page, A Blue Blue Christmas.

One way to have and Elvis Presley Christmas is to use Christmas items with his image on them . There is an astounding array of Christmas items decorated with Elvis. Here are a few and you can click on any item to see more Elvis Items.

Elvis Presley Outdoor Christmas Flag
Elvis Presley Decor

 Personalized Decorative Welcome Polyester House Flags Printed Elvis Presley Flag For Indoor/Outdoor With Two Size - 12 18 Or 18 27 Inch

Start outside! Welcome everyone to your Elvis Presley Decorated Home for Christmas with the Official Elvis Presley Christmas Flag.

Elvis Presley Cutout Elvis Presley Christmas

Elvis Presley Cutouts. Let Elvis have the place of honor at your Christmas celebration. Stand him up by the tree or just inside the front door to greet the guests. Such fun!

Elvis Presley Nutcracker An Elvis Presley Christmas

Elvis dressed up makes a wonderful decorative nutcracker for your Christmas mantel. There are several other outfits available too. Just click to find more choices.

Elvis Presley Water Globe

 Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes Jukebox 65mm Waterglobe

Another Elvis Presley decorative item for your Christmas mantel: an Elvis Presley Waterglobe (or Snow Globe, if you will). This is exquisite and I would leave it out year round.

Elvis Christmas Stockings An Elvis Presley Christmas

There are quite a few styles of Elvis Christmas Stockings. These are my favorite.

Elvis Presley Christmas Ornaments

If I were to do an Elvis Presley Christmas, no matter what color scheme I chose, I would mix in lots of Guitar ornaments. Here are a few for your Elvis Christmas tree, and some other Elvis Christmas ornaments too.

Black Christmas Wreaths
For Your Elvis Presley Christmas

Elvis would have loved these wreaths, I'm sure. Dare to be different by having the elegance of Black for your Christmas holidays!

Black Christmas Trees
An Elvis Presley Christmas

Black Christmas Trees will showcase all the Elvis Christmas Ornaments and Guitars beautifully.

Red Christmas Wreaths
For Your Elvis Presley Christmas

Elvis loved Red. These Red Christmas wreaths would both look wonderful for your Elvis Presley Christmas.

Red Christmas Trees
For Your Elvis Presley Christmas

Don't forget the Red Christmas Tree! Perfect for Elvis Christmas Ornaments!

Elvis Presley for Your Christmas Morning
Cozy up in some Elvis Items on Your 
Christmas Morning!

Elvis Presley Mug
Elvis Presley Christmas

Drink your morning Coffee with Elvis!

An Elvis Presley Christmas

If the Christmas morning is still a little chilly, wrap yourself up in a dreamy Elvis blanket. Or sleep with the King! Swoon.

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